Sunday, January 25, 2009

Merry Standring Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas with the Standring clan up at the Lodge over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Dan and I drove up to the Lodge to pick up Jim and Terri on Friday evening, and we met Ron and Jerri, Tom and Bridget at the Atlantis for a big buffet meal. The coconut bars were a big hit at the dessert station!
On Saturday, David and Diane brought the nephews up and we played in the snow a bit. As soon as he walked in the door, he proclaimed to Uncle Tom, "I'm not toast!" He spoke too soon, and the weekend of giggles and nuggies began in earnest.

Nathan was all giggles and smiles for the family. He has recently added sitting up by himself to his bag of cute tricks. What a handsome little darling!

The weather was warm enough to play outside, but there was still plenty of snow. Ian is growing like a weed, but he is still light enough to stay on top of the snow mounds. Diane and I weren't so lucky, but we warmed quickly by the fire inside.

On Sunday, Ian helped Oma frost the cinnamon rolls for breakfast while the boys went for Starbucks (how lucky that they found one open on 'Christmas'!). Afterwards we opened presents and watched some football. Ian was thrilled to watch Uncle Tom open the present with the plane (and airline gift certificate)-- amazingly, he managed to keep the gift a surprise until mere moments before we opened presents!

Even Cinnamon got some love on the festive weekend. Fun was had by all, although perhaps David and Diane would have wished for a little more sleep! Merry Christmas part 2!!!

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Richard said...

Quite a wonderful illustration of family joy. L,Papaw